We are celebrating the 50th episode of Ellected Podcast!

The 50th episode of Ellected Podcast was released this week and it features a very personal and inspiring conversation with Caroline Cochrane, the Premier of the North West Territories.

Ellected Podcast - Premier Caroline Cochrane

The conversation left me feeling inspired and recommitted to the work of advocating for the increased participation of women in politics and every industry. You can listen to our conversation by using the links here.

I can't let this moment pass by without a very heartfelt thanks to Maclean Kay. Maclean and I worked together in the BC Legislature in the early-ish 2000s and reconnected after he launched an independent news organization and I had started Madame Premier. We had a phone conversation where he not only encouraged me to start what is now Ellected but pushed back on all of the self-doubt I had about doing it but actually helped me start it. When I think of all the interactions I have had in my life where I've wanted to do something but didn't have the confidence there are two types of moments I've had. The first is where the person I've engaged with creates totally unnecessary barriers that I have to climb over after having already proven myself leaving me feeling frustrated and doubting myself. The second kind of moment is where the person I'm dealing with already gets that I've proven myself and asks how they can help with no strings attached because they just want to see me succeed. Maclean is exactly the latter of the these two moments and it reframed for me that I don't ever want to be the former for anyone else. So thank you again, Maclean for helping make Ellected possible and for so much more.

In the summer I asked people on Madame Premier's Instagram for their favourite podcasts. If you are like me, I listen to a lot of the same podcasts over and over again and it can be hard to find new ones. So here is what the Madame Premier community is listening to as well as what I have on repeat.

And apologies upfront for not including links - you will need to do that part yourselves!

Your Favourites

The Allusionist

On Purpose

Sharon Says So

Deux Moi


The Strategists

Kelsey Wells

The Savage Lovecast

Huberman Lab

Don’t Go Broke Trying

iWeigh with Jameela Jamil

Where Should We Begin by Esther Perel

You’re Wrong About

Maintenance Phase



Pantsuit Politics

The Bridge

Majority 54

Help! I Sexted My Boss!


The Backbench

Sandy and Nora

Man Enough

Power and Politics

Unfuck your brain

The Memory Palace

Breaking Glass

Visible Women

The GoodLife Project

Huber Man Lab


Financial Feminist

The Skimm


NYT Daily

My Favorite Murder


Front Burner


The Bechdal Cast


My Favourites

The Refuse Fascism Podcast

544 Days 

Mother Country Radicals

A Podcast Of One's Own with Julia Gillard

Pod Save The World

Sweet Bobby

Modern Love


How I Built This

Party Lines

Fake The Nation



West of Centre

Rewives with Bethany Frankel

The Curse of Politics

Bad Faith

I hope some of these are new to you, that if you haven't listened to Ellected yet, please add it to your podcast library, and more than anything, that you keep engaged, keep learning, keep listening to different voices because as much as we would all like to turn the world down or even off, we can't - not when so much is at stake.

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