Ellected Ep. 08 - Alison Tedford

Ellected Ep. 08 - Alison Tedford

Alison Tedford - Ellected Podcast


On the latest episode of Ellected, Sarah Elder-Chamanara welcomes Alison Tedford to discuss her latest book, and all her writing over the course of the pandemic. They discuss the ongoing discovery of bodies on residential school sites across Canada. Alison shares some very invaluable advice for brands and businesses on how to approach and pitch Indigenous writers during times of trauma and using a trauma informed approach to outreach.

Alison Tedford is an Indigenous author, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant and a mom. From the Kwakiutl First Nation and based in Abbotsford, BC she has over a decade of government experience and seven years of private sector experience creating information products that educate, inform and delight. Alison is also the brilliant mind behind the name of this podcast!

Alison uses an intersectional approach and supports projects and founders that honour that Black, Trans and Indigenous Lives Matter, who understand that disability access is a right not a privilege and that further the equality of women. Alison’s latest book Chronic Profit: Building Your Small Business While Managing Persistent Pain, recently topped the BC bestseller list. Her next book, Stay Woke,Not Broke will be coming out in April 2022. It delves into how to build an anti-oppressive business based on values.

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