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People of Madame Premier Vol. 01 - Emma May

People of Madame Premier Vol. 01 - Emma May

Madame Premier Emma May
One of Madame Premier's first models, Emma May is a force to be reckoned with. A former lawyer, turned owner and relator at Charles Real Estate, newly minted fashion designer and owner of Sophie Grace, you can often find Emma telling it like it is on Twitter and TV as a community influencer and political commentator. Emma is the embodiment of Feminist and Political AF. 
MP: Which female leaders are you inspired by and why?
Emma: I think I am naturally drawn to women who find the balance between being a mother and achieving their professional goals. It is my reality and so I look to those who face or faced the same struggles in that balance. I loved learning about how Madeline Albright began her career in politics by volunteering for her kids school.  Women who haven’t been afraid to the challenge the status quo. I love the evolution of careers and as I am now two years away from 50 I find myself really exploring the careers of women who continued to be engaged in public life well into their 70’s. For now that seems to be a stream of democrats in the US - Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, from being moms to teachers to leader of the house to running for President - they still keep engaging and are still incredibly relevant. 
MP: How do you take care of yourself when the day is done? 
Emma: I am crazy about sleep. I really am. I log at least 7 hours, typically 8. I don’t drink alcohol anymore and that makes a huge difference. And I move. Walk, workout, whatever it is - I try to always move my body enough that it is at least the equivalent of 10,000 steps per day. 
MP: Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and why?
Emma: I love IG for fashion and pretty pictures. Images everywhere. And I love Twitter for politics and news. I follow great journalists and I think that they are the most under appreciated and underpaid folks out there. I have a saying — “I prefer dealing with the assholes on Twitter that I don’t know, than the assholes on Facebook I do”. So yeah - that is my take on facebook:)
MP: If you had to choose between being a staffer or politician, which one would you choose and why?
Emma: Politican. I was a staffer. For an incredible guy. Jim Prentice was demanding and fair. He expected a lot from you but he was fair and incredibly thoughtful. I would only get involved again though for my own campaign. Or as a Chief of Staff maybe working with someone I really trusted.  But ultimately I now only really deeply trust myself.
MP: What thing in your closet do you wear the most and why?
Emma: In the vein of self promotion — The Katherine Pant from my line. I designed it to be the perfect pant for me which is why I love it so much. It is a flat tap from closure, big pockets, slim but not skinny leg and made of the most comfortable material. Looks like you are wearing formal pants - but they feel like sweats. Also  - I am obsessed with my Nike velcro close runners and my fav pair of beat up Citizens of Humanity Corey Slim Slouch jeans.
MP: If you could raid someone's closet, who would it be and why?
Emma: My fashion icons are Jenna Lyons of classic Jcrew fame (quirky mix of fem and masculine) and the French vogue editor - Emmanuelle Alt.  Jeans, heels, blazers, sneakers. I also love Ellen’s closet. I am pretty attracted to that masculine look as well. 
MP: What kind of world do you hope the next generation will inherit and why?
Emma: Oh boy. We are in brutal times right now and I think the biggest lesson that we will all learn from the this is that we are in this together. That our cooperation is what will save us and our planet. I hope we become better at recognizing how incredibly linked we all are and really honour that connection. 
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