Welcome to Madame Premier

Welcome to Madame Premier

Maybe it’s time for an introduction! 

Hi! I’m Sarah and I am the owner and co-founder of Madame Premier. ⠀⠀⠀

Madame Premier started for me with rejection. I had created the Woman’s Place design and pitched it as a fundraising idea to a board I was sitting on. My idea was voted down and I ended up leaving not long after that. Madame Premier was born the following year as a business with the same design, the one you know now, as the first one in the Election Collection.

Fast forward to 2020 and I am now running MP (my nickname for her) as a solo venture. I’ve been positively overwhelmed with the response to the Spring Collection, my first running MP on my own. I’m already planning the Summer Collection and am busy restocking sold out sizes from the launch last week.

Working is a little more challenging these days without any child care and a husband working from home. My MP work gets done when I can find moments to work on my phone during the day and after our boys, who are 1 and 2.5, go to bed. But I know I’m not alone in finding things challenging right now. Madame Premier is a community and I’ve found support with you here over the last month in ways I never expected. 

Sarah Elder-Chamanara - Madame Premier

Sarah Elder-Chamanara, Owner of Madame Premier and Co-Founder

But maybe that’s not so surprising considering Madame Premier has always aimed to empower women through fashion and stimulating dialogue. We are doing just that together.

Through my goal of goal amplifying the lack of women in politics through political and feminist clothing, Madame Premier is bringing awareness, spark discussions and moving the dial on this issue and building an ever growing community of women and individuals committed to doing just that.

A portion of every sale continues to be set aside for a donation to a local organization that works to advance gender equality for women and girls and I am looking forward to doing that this summer to celebrate Madame Premier’s first anniversary.

Thank you for being here and believing in what Madame Premier is doing and going.


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