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Govern Like A Girl: The Women Who Became Canada's First Ministers

Govern Like A Girl: The Women Who Became Canada's First Ministers

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Written by Kate Graham

What does it take to govern like a girl? A fascinating look at the trailblazing women who rose to the top as first ministers in Canada.

Only twelve women have ever served as the Premier of a Canadian province or territory, and only one has risen to the very top to serve as Prime Minister. In Govern Like a Girl, Kate Graham tells the stories of these thirteen women, from childhood to political power. Their experiences span three decades, every political stripe, and extend from coast to coast to coast. What motivated them to run for office? What did they accomplish once they were elected? And how did their style of governing differ from male politicians?

From Indigenous premiers, Eva Aariak and Nellie Cornoyea, to Premier and later Senator Catherine Callbeck of Prince Edward Island, to Quebec's first female premier, Pauline Marois, these powerful women changed Canada for the better and showed the world how to govern like a girl.

Includes a glossary and a map of Canada.

Learn about:

  • Premier Eva Aariak, Nunavut

  • Premier Catherine Callbeck, Prince Edward Island, and later, Senator

  • Prime Minister Kim Campbell

  • Premier Christy Clark, British Columbia

  • Premier Caroline Cochrane, Northwest Territories

  • Premier Nellie Cournoyea, Northwest Territories

  • Premier Pat Duncan, Yukon, and later, Senator

  • Premier Kathy Dunderdale, Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Premier Rita Johnston, British Columbia

  • Premier Pauline Marois, Quebec

  • Premier Rachel Notley, Alberta

  • Premier Alison Redford, Alberta

  • Premier Kathleen Wynne, Ontario


About the Author

Kate Graham researches, writes, speaks and teaches about politics in Canada. She holds a PhD in Political Science and teaches in the Political Science Departments at Western and Huron University College. Kate is the creator and host of No Second Chances (, a Canada 2020 podcast about the rise and fall of women in Canada’s most senior political roles – a project which inspired her own political pursuits, and this book. Kate lives with her partner Jesse and daughter Flora in London, Ontario.

Published by Second Story Press.


  • 112 Pages

  • Juvenile Nonfiction

  • 7.5 x 9 inches

  • Ages 9-12 / Grades 4-7

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