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Madame Premier

Madame Premier Kamala Harris for Vice President Sticker

Madame Premier Kamala Harris for Vice President Sticker

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Kamala Harris is going to break the second highest glass ceiling in American politics (and yes, Madame Premier is totally emotionally and mentally invested in this election) when she becomes the first women to hold the office of Vice President of the United States. And not only the first woman, but the first woman of colour, the first Black woman, the first woman of Indian heritage. It's not just just second highest glass ceiling but creating slivers so small that the ceiling will never be able to be put back together the way it was. Because the ceiling should have never existed and it should never be put back together again in the same way because that is not what change does. 

15% of the proceeds from the sales of the Kamala Harris for Vice President t-shirt and $1 from the sale of each sticker is being donated to Calgary's first community fridge! Food security is an issue too many families and individuals face. The fridge is open 24/7, is open to all with the philosophy of give what you can and take what you need.

Art is by Carly Sunlit of Sunlit Creative. This vinyl sticker is 1.86" x 2!

PS: Kamala for President in 2024!

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