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Madame Premier

Madame Premier Don't Tell Me To Smile Toque

Madame Premier Don't Tell Me To Smile Toque

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Please be aware the Don’t Tell Me To Smile Toque in green and pink is a pre-order with an estimated shipping/arrival date at Madame Premier of December 13th. If you order other items with this item, your order will only be sent out when this item is ready.

Don’t Tell Me To Smile.

Made by Madame Premier to convey what should be a pretty simple message but one we still hear all too often “you should smile more” or “you would be so much prettier if you smiled” and on and on and on. Telling someone to smile is on the list of things you shouldn’t say along with asking someone they are pregnant.

This toque comes in forest green with pink embroidery or navy with purple embroidery. 

Made and designed by Madame Premier.

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