Women for Peace Tote Bag

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The universal symbol for peace with a feminist twist. Madame Premier believes vehemently that women’s rights and equality in Canada and around the world be a focus for all. 

And in case you didn't know, on November 1, 2017, the Government of Canada launched Canada’s National Action Plan for the Implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolutions on Women, Peace and Security 2017-2022. And in 2019 Jacqueline O’Neill was appointed as Canada’s first Ambassador for Women, Peace and Security. With one year left in the current plan there is a opportunity for all Canadians to share their input in the next Action Plan.

Available in black there is no outfit this bag doesn't go with. It makes the perfect gift for the person who believes in the message and is also conscious of the importance of reducing our consumption of plastic bags. 

These bags will shrink if washed in hot water and/or put in the dryer. Wash in cold water and air dry.