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I Want To Be Spaghetti

I Want To Be Spaghetti

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A funny debut picture book about how one little ramen packet finds self-love and belonging in a spaghetti-obsessed world.

Even from Ramen's small shelf in the supermarket, they see spaghetti propaganda everywhere. They want to be celebrated, too.
Maybe, Ramen misguidedly thinks, I have to change to be loved like that. "I want to be spaghetti!" they proclaim to the dismay of the rest of the instant noodle section.

But when Ramen's brought home and placed in a warm bowl of broth alongside new friends like Chashu, Narutomaki, and Nori, they realize they've always been perfect exactly the way they are. Colourfully illustrated by Claudia Lam, this heartwarming story about identity and community from food writer Kiera Wright-Ruiz celebrates the beauty of being yourself --and being recognized for who you are.

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