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Madame Premier

Madame Premier Saskatchewan Election Letterpress Print

Madame Premier Saskatchewan Election Letterpress Print

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A limited edition 11x14 print in honour of Saksatchewan's election with original art by Teanna Sterkenburg of Medicine Hat, Alberta and printed by hand in Calgary by Feast Letterpress. 

According to media reports, the Saskatchewan Party has only nine candidates who are members of the Sikh, Muslim, Indigenous and Métis communities. Only one of those candidates is female. Overall the party has 12 women and 49 men are running. The Saskatchewan NDP has 18 BIPOC (Black, Indigenous or people of colour) candidates. They also have 41 candidates, an impressive 67% , are members of equity groups. The Saskatchewan Green Party has 19 BIPOC candidates. 

Madame Premier commissioned this print as a reminder of who should and must be involved in politics at all levels - elected and unelected. Until this happens all parties have a responsibility to do better. Two of the three Saskatchewan parties are doing the work. It's time for them all to be committed to doing better and truly representing all of Saskatchewan. 

20% of the net proceeds from this print will benefit a Saskatchewan group that supports women and children. At this time donation details are still being confirmed but will be announced soon.

Please note the image shown is not to scale. Frame not included. 

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